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Diabetes mellitus is a global health problem, in 2021, 537 million people live with diabetes (1 out of 10).

Most cases of diabetes are type 2 (T2D) and approximately 5 to 10% of people with diabetes are type 1 (T1D), with an estimate of 37 million people worldwide.

Insulin is the hormone that allows us to manage carbohydrates or carbohydrates to produce vital energy. People with type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin and must inject insulin before their meals in order to use carbohydrates for energy.

The webDia-Mundi application aims to help count carbohydrates in different foods, to improve diabetes control.

For a good nutritional balance, it is advisable to distribute the food of each meal as follows: half the plate with vegetables, ¼ of the plate with a protein source food and the other ¼ with a carbohydrate source.

Some foods contain NO carbohydrates, or have very little: such as meat, fish, cheeses, eggs, vegetables, sugar-free drinks and water. Foods with simple sugars (natural fruit juice, sugar, honey, soft drinks…) are absorbed very quickly and it is better to take them only in case of hypoglycemia (when sugar is very low).

Pasta (noodles, lasagna, macaroni…), starches (potatoes, corn, biscuits, bread, rice, cereals…) and legumes (beans, broad beans…) are rich in carbohydrates, so it is necessary to adjust the dose of insulin.

ATTENTION: In no case does webDia-Mundi replace follow-up with health professionals.

association pour le diabète
association pour le diabète

half the plate
with vegetables

association pour le diabète

1/4 from the plate
with protein

association pour le diabète

1/4 from the plate
with carbohydrates



November 2011

Kim in the emergency room of the Geneva University Hospitals, when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes


webDia HUG

Spring 2012

All the calculations and the tensions that they can generate, I decided to develop an application in order to calculate the units of insulin to inject based on meals, this first version of webDia was used for more than a year only in the family environment.

This allowed Kim to support her towards independence and show her that she was capable of managing her illness !

webDia was validated by the University Hospitals of Geneva, and has since been distributed on their site.


Lima – webDia-Mundi

Spring 2023

webDia has been used for years at the Geneva University Hospitals.

I was contacted by the tropical and humanitarian medicine department in order to be able to develop webDia to adapt it to several countries or regions of the world, which is how webDia-Mundi was created.

Our first stay was in Peru, where we accompanied health professionals, families and diabetic children in therapeutic education courses.


Kim infirmière

Summer 2024

Kim now manages her diabetes very well, she is taking courses to be a nurse…




“Webdia mundi has been an extraordinary tool for explaining one of the most complicated points to diabetes patients, which is carbohydrate counting. This tool, made with Peruvian products from our region, has helped me…


“Regarding the application: it is very good, useful, practical, and necessary. It needs to expand to include more Peruvian foods, and if possible, common, homemade, traditional, and more representative dishes from Peru’s regions. Justification:…


“Suitable. One improvement could be to adapt the application to different regions of Peru, as the heterogeneity of Peruvian cuisine means there are different dishes with different ingredients.”…


“The application is very good. I have shared it with patients and healthcare staff at my hospital. Very useful for monitoring measures.”…


“Very grateful to be able to participate in such an important project for us who work in the primary care setting, and we require continuous guidance and training due to the ongoing advancements in…

Anita Aguilar – nutricionist

“In my experience, I work with patients diagnosed with DM1, and introducing them to the WebDia app has been beneficial. They’ve shown interest in using the app for self-guidance, often complementing it with their…

association pour le diabète
association pour le diabète